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module 6 animal in danger(cultural corner—wwf)

goals: to read about wwf
step 1?? before you read
before you take the article on page 59 please go over the word list for this module, paying attention to the pronunciation of the word, the relationship between its pronunciation and its spelling.
step 2? while you read
now it is time to read the text wwf. while reading try to cut/ the sentences into thought groups, blacken the predicates, underline the useful expressions and darken the connectives.
step 3? after you read
after you have read the article, try to find time to copy all the useful expressions into your expression book. you may make sentences with these expressions.
the world’s largest organization for…, be founded in…, open an international office in…, in the same year, protect the natural habitats of…, wild animals, in danger of extinction, design the famous panda logo, stand for…, have branches in 90 countries, in all five continents, have thousands of volunteers and more than five million supporters, help by giving money, spend more than…on…,the focus of attention, become interested in…, have an effect on…, such as pollution, use energy, have a future, conserve nature, waste energy, as a result, introduce environmental education into…, work with…on…, the panda project, be based in…, monitor the project, set up an office, all over the country, save the panda